Digital Identity Authentication & Verification System.

Corporations and Governments suffer from multiple pain points when identifying customers and performing KYC and AML checks. After on boarding your customers you always need to be certain that you are dealing with the same individuals and entities. CrossVerify provides a layer of certainty and security to ensure that “who I see is who I know.”

The CrossVerify Overview

The CrossVerify Trust Utility delivers verified KYC & AML data through the combination of Biometric Authentication and Blockchain Technology.

  1. Blockchain Identity Platform™—Provides a secure point of digital storage for identifying data. This is a Blockchain Trust Utility.
  2. Bulk Data Transfer Tool – allows customers to bulk load copies of their clients’ verified key personal records into the Trust Utility
  3. Mobile App – enables Android users to securely prove their identity to any permission customer, using biometric authentication
  4. Identity-Based Letter of Credit™ — Client selects who they want to share their data with, then the original company that has that trusted data sends it over to the company requesting your authenticated data. The original company is basically providing an Identity-Based Letter of Credit™ since they are the ones that certified the data to be true and correct.
  5. The Crossverify Mobile App can be white-labeled to enable it to be provided with customer branding.


Digital Identity

Customers create a digital identity by providing a goverment-issued picture ID, biometric data, and other supporting documentation like a utility bill. Now, the company can perform biometric identification on their clients.

Cross Sharing

Clients can make data available to other CrossVerify customers, where appropriately permissioned. The CrossVerify Utility complies with data privacy control and processing rules.

Trusted Data

Trusted Parties confirm the clients biometric data, government issued identification documents, and all other necessary AML / KYC data. The trusted parties provide the Identity Based Letter of Credit during the onboarding.

Global Patent Portfolio

  1. Biometrics and Identifiers on a Blockchain;
  2. Cross-Verification of Data; and
  3. Data Security by Splitting of Data

The above-mentioned patents has been approved in various parts of the world while still pending in some countries. The Digital Identity Trust Network is currently negotiating an exclusivity for the patent portfolio.

Digital Identity in a Box

  1. BaaS: Blockchain as a Service
  2. Sublicensing Opportunities: Entering into patent licensing agreements with annual fees + fee per verification via the system
  3. White Label: CrossVerify AML & KYC Gateway can be white labeled and modified to meet your specific use case.

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